Nielsen From Portland, ME

Type: Full Time

Have you ever walked down an aisle in your local Target and wondered why your favorite beverage or food product moved? Have you ever wanted to modernize the brand and bottle design for an iconic beer company? When you’re in a store, what catches your eye and motivates you to buy a certain product? As a Nielsen Analyst, you’ll use your analytical and consultative skills to help clients such as Target, MillerCoors and P&G make better, faster and smarter decisions.

You’ll quickly discover that market research is critical to succeeding with customers. No other company in the world comes close to having the level of insights into consumers that Nielsen does.

As a Buy Analyst, you will:

– Connect the dots for our clients using our world class analytics.
– Provide insights that clients can use to drive their business forward.
– See your recommendations in action as you see products on the shelves or experience you client’s advertising.
– You’ll make a difference by becoming a problem solver, a consultant and the voice of Nielsen at our clients.

As a Buy Full Time Analyst, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to one of the following practice areas:


– Innovation matters. With best in class research and predictive analytical tools, Nielsen’s Innovation Practice remains at the core of our client’s new product ideas, product messaging that inspires action, fresh packaging designs and optimal product launch strategies. In Nielsen’s Innovation Practice, you will influence which new products are brought to the market.

Client Delivery:

– The Client Delivery Analyst is responsible for executing against specific client support related activities including the delivery of reporting and ad hoc analysis to our clients and client focused data support, resolution and triage. The goal is to create high levels of client satisfaction by delivering accurate and insightful responses that contribute to client outcomes.

Client Engagement Manufacturing:

– Oil of Olay, Miller Lite, Coca Cola and Tide. What do they all have in common? They are all national brands for manufacturing companies that collaborate with Nielsen to drive their business and grow their portfolios. Our work helps clients set pricing strategies, launch new products and determine what products you ultimately see on the shelf and online.

Client Engagement Retail:

– At Nielsen, we work with U.S. retailers to help them understand their consumers, and to optimize their business down every aisle. On the Nielsen Retail Team you will work face-to-face with major retail players and use Nielsen solutions to help answer questions such as finding the right assortment and guiding pricing strategies. Every day brings a new challenge when working in the fast paced retail environment.

Consumer Analytics:

– The consumer analytics team works with actual purchase data to determine what product attributes dictate how a product category is shopped over time, and what that consumer’s path to purchase looked like.

Marketing Effectiveness:

– This team works with our clients to figure out which media is most successful at driving sales for products in stores. Using statistical models they help clients optimize where they should spend their money on marketing to best ensure their product’s success.

Sales Effectiveness:

– Why did you buy that? Maybe the product was on sale, or in just the right spot on the shelf. In our sales effectiveness practice, we help our clients prioritize their trade promotion and assortment strategies in store, so they can reach the right buyers. Using statistical models, we figure out the best strategies for our clients to promote in stores and make their products stand out among the aisles.